Pansy peek

A Second Chance

Author/Artist: carrie_leigh & seegrim
Recipient: roses_at_sunset
Title: A Second Chance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 11,987
Warnings: non-pairing character death
Genre: romance, light angst, humor, action
Summary: After Pansy's husband is killed under suspicious circumstances, her former flame, Ron Weasley is the auror assigned to protect her.
Original Prompt:1) Post-war, people dealing with the 'damage' and trying to move on with their lives. Ron and Pansy helping each other to do that and overcome something painful from the past. Also, I have a bit of a guilty love for balls and masquerades, candles and candlelight.
Author/Artist's notes: (if any) This was enjoyable for the authors to write and we hope that it's every bit as enjoyable to read!
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James' blue eyes

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To set the stage a bit for this piece-- this was written after the Michael Corner/Cormac McLaggen kiss.  Carrie wrote it for me before she left to go out of town one weekend.  I'd been teasing her about wanting to do another Michael/Cormac kiss.  This is totally pg rated and funny. 

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What a Malfoy Wants -- dg exchange fic written by persephone33 and seegrim

Title: What a Malfoy Wants 1/2
Rating: PG
Possible Spoilers/Warnings:None
Summary:There were a few things Draco Malfoy never thought he'd experience in the course of his life as a reformed Death-Eater, true love being one of them, so he was pleasantly surprised when Ginny Weasley came crashing through the unguarded gates of his heart.

What would you like to receive?
The tone/mood of the fic:
Very fluffy
An element/line of dialogue/object you would like in your fic: And I can't believe, that I'm your man, And I get to kiss you baby just because I can ( Everything by Michael Buble)
Preferred rating of the the fic you want: PG-13
Canon or AU? Doesn’t matter, just not TOO AU, make it plausible.
Deal Breakers (what don't you want?): Bitchy Harry
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There's no way that's possible.

Cormac sat straight up in bed, backing away from Pansy quickly on his heels. "No bloody way. There's no way that's possible," he whispered. "Pregnant?"

"Well, evidently it is possible, as it's true," she said, her eyes starting to water again as she moved off the bed. "And don't look at me like that. It's isn't my fault." She pulled her handkerchief out again and sank into the chaise, putting her face in her hands. He heard a muffled, "I'm not taking the blame for this."

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James' blue eyes

You might want to ask...

Michael hefted the saddle from Traveller, his black stallion, and patted the creature's neck. Reaching into a pocket, he offered a carrot, smiling as the animal took it and chewed, nosing at his shoulder in affection.

Cormac, already having seen his mare back to her stall, smirked as he came across Michael and Traveller. "Is there a reason you're taking so bloody long, mate? I'd like to eat sometime today if you don't mind."

"And this is the point in the conversation when I take the high road and don't compare you to Traveller's hindquarters," Michael said, pointing the the part of the horse in question. At Cormac's non-plussed expression, Michael chuckled at his little joke, gave Traveller a few strokes with a curry brush, threw a blanket over him, and replied, "Yeah. Let's go eat. Where? The Leaky?" he asked with a grin.

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As far as assignments for work went, Michael had to say that the past week had been one of the most pleasant experiences he'd had in months. Maybe ever. With the exception of that very awkward moment outside of their hotel rooms the first night they'd been in Morocco, it had been great, Michael thought. They were friends. Padma was easy to talk to, very clever, and the fact that she was beautiful didn't matter at all. Much.

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Old friends

Padma and Michael sat together in the hotel restaurant enjoying their meal in companionable silence. It had been an exhausting day and Padma was relieved she had made it through the first part of her assignment for the Ministry without messing it up. She took a bite of her French onion soup and sighed. "Mmm. There's nothing like comfort food after a day like today," she said. "I'm so glad that you were the one assigned to come on this trip with me. I would have been so uncomfortable with someone I don't know whispering in my ear all day long." She laughed and reached out for Michael's hand resting on the edge of the table and gave it a squeeze.

Michael smiled at Padma, and then started chuckling. "You know what? It's confession time."

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A friendly interruption

Padma picked up a file and swore softly to herself as she cut her thumb on the edge of it. She groaned indelicately as she recalled Parvati's warning as she flooed into work this morning. 'Watch out for your files, dear!'  Parvarti had said.  Someday she's going to give me something a bit more useful to go on, she thought. Sucking on her finger, she made her way out of the International Magical Office of Law and over towards Michael Corner's office. She didn't understand why the French were so damned stubborn about keeping to the interpretation agreements--before paperwork left a foreign ministry, it was only proper decorum to translate it into the language of the receiving party. At least Michael's always so pleasant. She reached his office and knocked quietly on the door.

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